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Why Shopify?
Shopify is rapidly growing 'new kid on the block' backed with a trusted security system, better user interface, lightning quick website speeds and advanced design capabilities. Learn more about it on our Shopify Nuggets Blog
What does pricing look like?
Our entry level pricing currently starts at £2000 for Shopify build for small brands. Depending on no. of products, custom requirements and structure - pricing can range between 2-10k. This includes everything above in the services section. Got a larger project? Send us an email for a quote!
How long does the set up & building take?
Usually around 3-6 weeks. If your project needs completing in under 3 weeks send us an email so we can discuss our FastTrack options. This depends on whether you're migrating from another site or just looking for a redesign.

We'll get you set up on Shopify, get access to your store, help you upload media assets onto a shared Google Drive folder and find out more about the design you're looking for. A few other steps in-between & Then start building.
Can you build out XYZ custom functionality?
Yes. We'll help you find App in the Shopify App store which can help with common functionality like subscriptions. Our team are well versed in custom styling & manipulation of Shopify Liquid code to get a desired look that sets your theme apart from all others!
Can you make something similar to xyz.com?
Sure! We can take inspiration from any model website you send us. We will not copy it for obvious reasons. We try to create special experience that will make your website stand out.
Can you make other website other than eCommerce?
We have partnered with a 5 star Webflow Development company Step Labs who we highly recommend for small to enterprise marketing websites & web apps
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