Customized Shopify Website Build

The story

Barrastraps is a small UK based brand which sells watch straps. The usually sell their products on marketplaces such as Esty, eBay and Amazon but recently wanted to create an online store to use as another sales channel. The problem with their old website was it looked unloved, didn't have much content, didn't represent the brand positively and provided no social proof or credibility.

Software used
  • Shopify 2.0
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Klaviyo
  • iCart
  • Sales channels like Etsy, Facebook/Instagram, Google
  • Easy Shopify Redesign
  • Quality design of the website (fonts, colors, structure...)
  • Quick build time
  • Increase AOV by utilising upsells
Project overview

From looking at their old site using a 1.0 theme on Shopify we knew there was a lot of work to be done to bring this website to life in 2022. We were tasked with creating a brand new designs of the entire website and then build out those designs native inside Shopify within a 3 week deadline.

What we did

We spent time creating the designs for the BarraStraps new look inside of Figma initially. We wanted to choose the colors which best represented the brand and fonts which were easy to read. When starting the build process we wanted to keep everything as simple looking as possible in a bid to push for an increased AOV.

We created some custom sections for the new Barrastraps website using Shopify Liquid e.g. the 'favourite brands' section. Taking advantage of the amazing Shopify marketplace for Apps we were able to source an App which scraped Etsy reviews and created a lovely carousel slider live on Shopify frontend for customer to get social proof of the BarraStraps brand.

Also using Klaviyo we created custom order notifications & set up some basic email flows such as the Customer Thank you, Welcome series and Abandoned cart. We also had to set up the popular iCart app and use custom CSS to ensure it was styled perfectly to match BarraStraps new designs and meet the target of maximising sales. We choose for the sidecart option.

The results

Since going live they have seen a tremendous 191% increase in their Average Order Value (AOV). Customers have gone from ordering just 1 straps and the occasional order with 2 straps to now having orders of 5+ straps become normal. This is a testimony to the power of well positioned Upsells and a website that looks so credible customers can order with no doubts about what they're getting.

Stuart (Founder @ BarraStraps) is very pleased with the outcome of this project. We we're praised for our strong communication and ability to hit the nail on the head first time round without much direction given. This has also made BarraStraps more convinced that running ads to the website will be a profitable endeavour.

The results
Google ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle Reviews

Buy with trust - Five Stars. Victor was excellent over the course of the project. From starting by setting out clear areas for improvement to finishing by creating a vastly improved site with plug ins which build trust and encouraged up sells. To no surprise, I seen a record sale the same week the site went live, buy with trust through Victor - he’s a young, motivated and highly skilled individual and his prices are extremely fair for the level of time and detail spent on the site. 5*s and will be recommending his services to friends.

Stuart | BarraStraps Founder
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