The Tax Resolute old website was built using Yell.

> They were paying over £100 monthly for the site but getting nothing in return

> False SEO promises from Yell

> Had security issues which resulted in their entire site being deleted & Yell couldn’t provide a backup

> Slow website speed

> Limited design capability from the subpar Yell designer

> Limited CMS functionality

Basically Yell is rubbish. There’s a much better way to build websites. Jesmin, Tax Resolute founder, was at first weary of moving away from Yell but once we get started with Webflow.

It took a lot of communication with their designer and months of hard work to migrate the site settings from Yell. Then design and build the new website.

Their new site is:

> packed with over 5 CMS collections and functionality

> much quicker in loading speed

> much cheaper to run - less than £15 monthly

> built with complex interactions including lottie animations

> automatically backed up by webflow while making changes

> much easier for them make changes and edit
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