Reveal Suits

WordPress to Shopify Migration

The story

Reveal Suits is a high end Suit company based in Texas, US boasting of huge collaborations with influential organizations such as the NBA, Basketball HOF (Hall Of Fame), Subway, Gator Bowl and many more household names. They were previously using WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform but were facing issues with using it which led to the website being neglected over time.

With the new NBA season fast approaching, they wanted us to help them take advantage of their online DTC sales channel via their website.

Software used
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Klaviyo
  • WordPress
  • Google
  • Trustpilot
  • Make the new site very easy to use for customers
  • Complete the build in under 10 days
  • Support customers to choose from 10,000+ product variations
  • Ensure the high-end price matches with the style of the website
Project overview

We understood that there was a lot of dormant potential within this brand so we wanted to bring that to life with the website build. Right from choosing the typography and colors to the structure of the website, we wanted to make customers feel valued. We walked the Reveal Suits team through how to set up a Shopify store, configure all the backend settings and taught them how to use the customizers in need to quick changes.

What we did

We used custom CSS and editing of the liquid code. The header layout was edited to allow the main navigation to be centred, remove excessive Shopify padding & also adding in a custom SVG for the cart icon. Also due to the nature of those pages, we made custom alternative page layouts for the "Official Partnerships" and "Licensed Colleges" pages inside of the native Shopify designer.

We know for almost every eCommerce store the most important pages are the homepage and the product page template. That's why we spent the most time on those 2 pages. In fact the first 2 sections of the homepage are completely custom built with custom liquid code. Also it goes without saying, high quality images can easily differentiate a decent website from a great one.

Another obstacle we faced was the 10,000+ variants. Shopify only allows you to have 100. So we had to find a trusted app on the Shopify App Store which could allow us to offer thousands of different options to each and every shopper. We came across the "Product options by BSS" app which was a game changer in allowing us to do exactly that. We're also working on getting those options selected to show on the order confirmation notifications.

We successfully migrated the domain over to Shopify. We picked the fonts & colors to match the brand. We wrote all the copy. And made sure the website is still functional & responsive with all the code added. The Reveal Suits team were extremely pleased with the end result. We're now moving onto the phase of generating more store traffic for them.

The results

We're happy to say even with the tight deadline right in front of us, we we're able to work efficiently under pressure to deliver the fully tested site to allow for new customers to begin purchasing. The Reveal Suits team were over the moon with the outcome. The website has elevated their online Status and given them a lot more credibility compared to their old site which has helped them sign more new contracts.

Within the first couple days of launch the new site was generating new sales purely from organic traffic. We're also providing monthly support for to assist the team with make any larger scale edits but more so making CRO focused changed. More results will be coming soon when the team decide to starting getting into paid traffic via platform such as Google.

The results
Google ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle Reviews

CHU Digital did an epic job with the Shopify store for my business Reveal Suits. It's a total transformation from our old wooCommerce site. They designed & built the entire Shopify store on a short deadline so just in time for the basketball Hall Of Fame weekend. I'm over the moon with the store design - I got excellent feedback from my team and everyone who visited. And just as importantly the store performs great - we got an order within the first few days of going live from a small amount of visitors. I can't recommend enough Victor and Sully's UK team to anyone looking to start/scale on Shopify. Great communication & understood my branding instantly. I'm excited to watch the numbers grow as they start optimizing the store. Carlton - Reveal Suits Founder & CEO.

Carlton Dixon | Reveal Suits Founder & CEO
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