Setting up your Shopify Store Settings | Store details, Plan, Billing | Pt1

December 3, 2022

If you've just opened a new account with Shopify there are some settings you'll want to set up in order to give your store the highest chance to success & functionality.

Store details

Basic information, address & contact information:

Enter these values as soon as you open your store. They will save you time and they're extremely simple. These values will be used across your store, policy pages, customer emails & in billing too.

Store currency:

This is the internal currency used for your store e.g. when inputting product prices or picking a billing plan. Just use the currency of the country you're based in. This does NOT mean this is the only currency customers will see you products in. You can configure the settings for that in settings >> markets.

Standards & formats:

Not too much to change here. The time zone is usually correct but if you'd like to change it (so you can see store analytics in a different time zone) then you can switch it using the dropdown.

If you're in the UK or another country using the Metric system (KGs instead of LBs) then select that option from the Unit system dropdown

For edit order ID format:

You can't change the order number format themselves but you can add some prefix or suffix characters to your order ID format.


Shopify has 3 main plans: Basic, Shopify and Advanced. We may write a post comparing these different plans in the future. But key takeaways:

> For most small business or people selling online the Basic will do

> If you're unsure, start with the Basic, you can always upgrade

> If you need more than 2 staff accounts (people with extra access to your store), then go for the Shopify plan with 5. If you need more than 5, opt for the Advanced plan

> Analytics/Reports get more sophisticated and in-depth as you move up the plans

> You get lower 3rd party fees and more favourable rates from Shopify payments as you move up the plans

> The Shopify and Advanced plan features automation which can save you a ton of time and build workflows

Head over to Shopify pricing to get started. At the time of writing this Shopify have a £1 for 3 month special offer instead of the usual £19 pm.

The other 2 options is their Shopify Plus option for huge merchants starting $2,000 pm and the starter plan at £5 a month.

The bottom half of this page will redirect you to the next setting. Billing.


If you're in a development store then billing will be in settings. If not then it will be in your normal Shopify dashboard as shown in the picture above.

Here you can:

> Update Credit card details

> Add and remove payment methods

> View billing cycle

> Get a breakdown on any other things you're paying for via Shopify such as paid apps.

> View past bills, upcoming bills and statements

The billing currency is the same currency we set in the store details settings tab.

You can also view your Shopify store credits. If you refund a customers order, you can choose to give them store credits which they can use when purchasing again.

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