Set Up Users & Permission Settings In Shopify | Pt2

December 7, 2022

This the the 2nd part of the our series going through Shopify Settings setup. Learn how to set up new staff accounts, how to set up collaborators, how to edit/configure permissions, transfer ownership & set up payment settings inside of Shopify settings.

Users & Permissions

The main purpose of this section in settings is to allow you to give other people such as your staff, marketers, web designers & developers, analysts, other founders, investors...

So at the top you will see 'store owner'. This should be your name or whoever's name was used to create the account with Shopify.

Adding staff

To add a new staff member hit the green 'Add staff' button inside this section in settings.

You will be met with a screen that looks like this. The name & emails are self explanatory - just input the name and email of the person you're looking to add to the store.

The next step is to configure the access you want to give that person. (You don't have to worry, you can always change/updates these checkboxes whenever). You will have a limit on how many staff accounts you can have depending on which Shopify plan you're currently on - to get more you need to upgrade.

Each checkbox correlates to a part of your Shopify store. By ticking/checking each box you're allowing a person to view that section of your store. If its someone like a co-founder or someone you trust hit the "select all" button at the top right so they can have access to basically everything. (The only things staff accounts are limited to is managing the Shopify payment settings).

If you give a user partial access/permissions they will only be able to view those sections and won't be able to access the rest like so:

Examples of permissions to give each type of person:


> All access

Web Developer (Refer to collaborators):

> Products

> Manage settings

> Domains

> Everything under 'online store'

> Apps

Order fulfilment team:

> Everything under 'Orders'

> Draft orders

> Products

> Reports

Account managers:

> Home

> Orders

> Products

> Edit permissions

> Reports, dashboards


> Reports

> Everything under 'finance'

Once you have selected the permissions hit send invite at the bottom. The person will receive an email asking them to set up a Shopify ID. I would also recommended asking them to set up 2FA (Two factor authentication) for added security. Once the invite is accepted then that person has access to the store.


Collaborators work in a very similar manner to staff accounts. They are made for designers, developers & marketers typically but anyone who has a Shopify Partners account can use them. They don't take up any of your staff account as an added bonus!

To set up a collaborator you will need to give the agency/developer you unique URL. This can be found in the url search bar section of your browser when you log into Shopify.

They will send an invite to you asking for access to your store. To review (you will also get an email) and accept this head to settings >> users & permissions then scroll down to collaborators. Tap on the agency name and then you will get an identical screen to the staff account where you can select permissions to sections of your store.

As an added hurdle to ensure you don't get spammed with tons of collaborator requests (this is if your URL was accidentally made public or easy to guess) you can select the option 'only people with the collaborator request code'. This generates a code that the agency will need to input before submitting a collaborator request.

Login services

This is used to allow your staff accounts to use social login via Google if you're using Gsuite. To learn more about this and how to deactivate this, click here.

With all staff accounts and collaborators (you will have a list of them) you can click into their name. Here you can:

> View some quick details on them such as name & email used

> Check the last time they logged in

> Update/change their permissions

> Suspend and remove their account

> Help them reset thier password

> Check whether they have 2FA (Two-factor authentication) enabled

> Check their IP address

Transfer ownership

If you want to transfer the store to another person you can do that by clicking "transfer ownership" next to your name inside Users & Permissions. Here you will be prompted to add the new persons details and email. If this is a development store then you will need to invite that person onto your Shopify Partners team first and transfer ownership through the Partners dashboard.

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