Duck Phat

Customized Shopify Website Re-Build

The story

Duck Phat Foods is a premium, all-natural chef favourite duck fat which launched mid 2022. They took advantage of Shopify to sell their chef-backed cooking products primarily in the US but also reaching global customers too. Within a few months of their initial launch they were facing difficulties with their new website and struggling to make edits to the website backend.

Software used
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Judgeme product reviews
  • Rebuild the site properly
  • Allow for easy editing in the backend
  • Refresh the design of their current store
  • Improve conversion rates
Project overview

We had several roles to play during this project starting from re-freshing the current design, diagnosing the backend problems, building out new section and formatting any other data like blogs to work with the new design. Speed wasn't a big factor for this project as we were working towards a quality polished finished product.

What we did

We spent time speaking with the Co-Founders to understand the current issues they were facing. It's tough to solve a problem when you don't know what the problem is right? After realising they were being held back due to the poor build if the backend customizer we started problem solving.

One part of the solution was using the latest features of Shopify 2.0 such as the 'sections everywhere' update we created re-useable sections which saved time & ensured there was a uniform design across repeated section of the site. We demonstrated a deep understanding of Shopify Liquid specifically by using a range of Shopify Schemas which allowed them to take full control of editing the site from image placement, font-sizes, colors, spacing, mobile adjustments and more - for all sections.

To ensure an improved conversion rate we made use of Shopify metafields inside of blogs. This allowed data like "cooking time" and "servings" for each of their recipes to be presented/laid out to be easier for customers to understand. We also implemented features such as a sticky add to cart button making it easier for customers to shop.

The results
The results

Ryan, Co-Founder at Duck Phat, was super pleased with the outcome of the re-build. Now having a plethora of settings for the new sections to play around with, it gave them more confidence in using the platform long term and confident that they can make adjustments with ease.

We went the extra mile to walk them through the changes made and how to using the new controls inside of the native Shopify customizer & making any small revisions.

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Ryan | Duck Phat Co-Founder
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