Customized Shopify Re-design


The story

TSTMKRSunltd pronounced "Taste-makers-unlimited" is an up-and-coming streetwear brand coming out of Oklahoma trying to shakeup the industry with their atypical, un-conformist and dystopian style. The have a members only style of operating so you'll need to sign up via the Shopify Password page to gain access to the store and limited drops of quality clothing.

The founder of the brand was looking for an refresh/redesign of the online store because the current look was out of date, didn't look great and didn't allow them to express their core values and style. The quality of their website was lagging far behind the great quality of their clothing and the site didn't represent them in a positive light. So he was very glad we connected with him to flip the script before the next clothing drop.

Software used
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Liquid
  • Custom fonts
  • Klaviyo
  • Alternate page templates
  • Create a 'different' experience from start-to-finish
  • Build a custom About Us page
  • Make a custom password page
  • Allow for more customizability
Project overview

We were tasked to design the new site and develop it native inside Shopify to allow the client to easily customize the section. As we were planning out how to deliver this full start-to-finish experience we also decided to create custom order email notification using Klaviyo instead of using the default Shopify templates which are very boring/dull.

What we did

In total, we created upwards of 8+ custom re-usable sections inside of Shopify. From a new and improved featured collection section to video upload functionality to a custom featured blog section. All allowing for maximum customizability within the Shopify editor itself.

We were also proactive in providing support outside of the website build specifically. We presented a full audit to the client highlighting areas that could be improved from the backend such as the Navigation layout, shipping settings, unnecessary apps and SEO tips. We also used Klaviyo to design and create custom email notifications for orders confirmations, Shipping confirmations and shipping updates.

Great attention to detail was a must in adding in custom fonts that aligned with the brand guidelines and adding in custom SVG icons to fit the designs too such as the cart icon. Special time was dedicated to creating the the password page to become what it is now. We had to de-clutter the default Shopify page and rebuild it so it's more intuitive.

Another important custom part we built in was the alternate page template for the about us page. As mentioned previously the founder felt it's important to express this brand values to the customers looking to shop. We created new sections for the new page and also made sure the client was clued on how to navigate to that page and edit it's contents.

The results

The project took just under 3 weeks to complete including time spent with design. Within the first 30 days of the project being completed they saw an average increase of 155% on metrics such AOV and revenue. The end client was extremely happy with it as you can tell by the review below. They went live almost instantly when the project was completed.

The results
Google ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle ReviewsGoogle Reviews

Second to none. I’m glad I used CHU Digital to re-design my online store. They’re affordable, very easy to work with, and second to none at what they do. If you’re looking to read-design your website, look no further.

Ihenacho Ikpé | TSTMKRSunltd Founder
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