Why do you need to know how to use Shopify In 2022

October 5, 2022

Me: "You can just edit that in the customizer/editor". Client "What's the customizer?"

"I'm hands off.."

"I just leave the web guys to do what they do best"

"Do I need to know how to use Shopify?"

"I'm so bad with computers"

These are all just excuses. As an ecommerce brand, your website is your online home. Think about it as if you had a brick & mortar business.

- Your website is like your physical shop

- Your homepage & product page is like your storefront & main floor area

- Your website backend is all the stuff behind the counter (where you keep money/change, stockroom, fulfilment area....)

What kind of business owner would you be if you didn't know how the behind-the-counter at your own store functioned? At the most basic level, you should be able to navigate around, understand what does what & how to make simple edits and changes. This will allow you to:

- Fulfil orders from customers who purchase

- Update products when you get new stock in

- See how your store is doing: sales, conversion rates, where you're getting the most traffic from, which products are the most popular

- Create discounts for when you run sales or seasonal periods

- Make edits on the online store: Fixing typos, adding banners to make customers aware of updates, adding/removing info pages, changing the copywriting

The main parts of the Shopify Admin is:








Online store*



* These are things you need to set up once and you'll be fine. But check periodically

*** These are the sections you should pay attention to & looks through every time you log into the store

Okay right. But can't I get somebody else to do that? Yes - you can. But you'll run into these problems:

- An overall lack of awareness as to how your business is doing

- Becoming overdependent on your website person

- Paying staff and webmasters extra money for something you could do yourself

- Getting frustrated about changes taking so long as your waiting for someone else to fix it for you

And when I say know how to use Shopify - I just mean use. I don't mean become an expert at website design. At the end of the day, you've got a million other things to do than learning web development - that's why web designers exist.

But you should still be able to know the basics around using Shopify - it's essential & isn't at all tricky to get on board with.

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