How To Create Custom Shopify Email Notifications With Klaviyo

November 6, 2022

What is a custom email notification?

An email notification is an email with a default template that get sent to customers with dynamic values for each specific customer. For example when you purchase a item from an online store, you get an email usually altering you your order is confirmed. It will look the same as every email sent to all their customers, just it shows your name, address and items ordered. Other popular email notifications are the shipping confirmation and shipping update.

Upon creating a Shopify store, the platform creates a default email notification which looks like this:

If you have the time, you probably want to change this. Why?

Because (well you can be the judge but) it doesn't look great.

How do you change this?

We can use Klaviyo to create the template and export the code over.

Head to Klaviyo.

- Using the side navigation click on content

- Click on templates

- Click 'create template' on the top right

- Choose 'order notification'. You can choose 'shipping notification' and other Shopify templates too.

- Feel free to use the entire range of editing options inside the Klaviyo editor to make a pretty branded email templates

Once you're done. It's time to move your new and improved email into Shopify.

- Exit the Klaviyo editor and the hit the the 3 dots on the email you've been working on

- Press export then copy the code that Klaviyo gives you in the following popup that appears

- Head to Shopify settings

- Click on 'Notifications'

- Click on the particular notification template you want to edit e.g. Order Confirmation

- Click 'edit code' on the page that appear

- Delete all the code inside of the Email Body textarea (CTRL + A to select all)

- Paste the code you copied from Klaviyo inside. Hit save. All done!

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