Core 4 Emails Flows In Klaviyo For Shopify

November 4, 2022

An email flows is an automatic series of email that get sent to a customer after a certain action is taken. The series tend to be 1 email then a time delay then another email.

You can also have more advanced features like conditional split and a/b testing. These are different to the standalone emails campaigns you may choose to send out additionally to shoppers. Customers can be on multiple different emails flows at any time.

There are 4 main email flows you may want to get started with when you first install the app:

1. Welcome series: This is one of the most popular flows. This trigger for this flow is when a customers email is first inputted into the email list. This is when the customer either signs up to a popup, opts-in to email marketing in the checkout or inputs their email into your website.

2. Abandoned cart: Another popular flow - not just in Klaviyo but in ecommerce. Anyone who actively shops online will have been included in a lot abandoned cart flows. The trigger for this is when a customer initiates checkout but doesn't end up finishing their purchasing. The naming of this flow is confusing in Klaviyo - it should really be called Abandoned Checkout.

3. Browse abandonment: This email flow is triggered via a page view of a product(s) without an add to cart action taken. How does this work? When you enter the email list Klaviyo/Shopify places an cookie in your browser to remember you basically. So it recognises when you revisit the website and browse products. Hence why this flow only works for returning shoppers since it requires an email.

4. Customer thank you: Another very popular email flow within ecommerce. A customer is put on this email flow when they purchase a product. A great example of when to use a conditional split would be for first time customers and for returning customers. You may want to favour returning customers with bigger discounts or access into your exclusive BTS drops.

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