Top 5 Tried & Tested Ecommerce Business Ideas And How To Start

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October 10, 2022

Thinking about finally taking the leap to start your own business?

The challenge is often settling on the right idea that suits your skills and passions. This is why CHU Digital has scoured the web and looked back at our experience of successful clients, to bring you our Top 5 Tried & Tested Ecommerce Business Ideas & How To Start.

Fashion Ecommerce – Streetwear, Vintage or Sneaker Resellers

Niche products are a good place to grow a target consumer base, even with constant growing competition, you can always find a carefully segmented audience who will love your products. From streetwear aesthetics, to thrifted vintage and limited trainer releases, tap into the communities that value these products to provide them with a tailored local service that can’t be replicated by large brands.

For example, our client Reveal Suits produces high quality tailored suits for sports teams and other organisations. Simply having a clear target audience makes all the difference, in this case sports, yours could be skaters, music lovers or sneaker collectors.

Beauty Supplies Ecommerce – Hair Care, Skin Care or Perfumes

Beauty is a well-established and growing market, launching an ecommerce store not only has opportunities to sell products directly to consumers but also to local salons and beauty stores. Again, the key lies in focusing on a specific niche before growing a range of products, do you want to focus on Hair Products, Skin Care Products or are Perfumes more your area of expertise. The is always room to grow and expand product ranges but focusing on a niche allows you to create a brand that provides a tailored service that cannot be matched by larger retailers.

Arts & Crafts Ecommerce – Paintings, Ornaments Or Pottery

Turn your passion of creating art into an additional stream of income by selling paintings, hand crafted ornaments or pottery online. Regardless of your aim or size of the business, you can start off with a small budget from your bedroom and reach customers all over the globe. Naturally the Arts & Crafts market is the perfect place to freely express yourself, creating unique works of art for local customers and businesses. The key is developing a unique style that is still flexible enough to translate to a wide variety of products.

Jewellery Ecommerce – Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets

The premium market of Jewellery is an exciting space to capitalise on profit margins, as a timeless piece jewellery is a product where customers are willing to pay higher prices. As usual, selecting a niche will allow you to focus on a specific target audience. Do you want your brand to be known for its Earrings, Necklaces or Bracelets? Regardless of choosing to stock a variety of Jewellery, ensure your customers are aware of your flagship style and type of jewellery. Now with the rise of influencers and affiliate marketing it is easier than ever to reach out to a variety of jewellery audiences.

Freelance Service Ecommerce - Design, Photography, Videography or Training

When we think of ecommerce we often focus on selling products, however selling services is a lucrative opportunity that doesn’t require any big upfront investment. Are you a Photographer, Designer or Videographer, creating an ecommerce site is a quick and easy method to show your portfolio and sell the different service packages you offer.

Business services like skills training are another opportunity often missed, for example our client Digital Skills Academy is a small group of coaches who mentor students to develop their skills in the tech sector. An ecommerce styled website provided them with a simple format to convey what they do, increasing their online presence and attracting new students to join their variety of programs and webinars.

Business Name, Logo & Branding

Now that you have selected your niche, it is time to select a name to kick-off your branding, based on your sector niche and values of your business, pick a name that will stand out. Take for example our clients Reveal Suits, they are in the clothing sector with a niche in suits, their name Reveal Suits, communicates their focus on revealing the personalities of the athletes and sports organisations they work with.

Next is your logo, with your established sector and niche communicated in your name, think about what colours and shapes you feel represent your brand. Is it a more formal and serious brand or a more casual and playful brand? You can keep it simple as we did, by choosing the right font typography and colours to get you started. Make sure you do give this process some time, looking at competitors and creating mood boards to find the right feel for your brand. Platforms like Adobe, Wix & Canva now have logo makers to get even more inspiration.

Business Manufacturing & Supply

Regardless of what sector or niche you decide on, you will need to have a process of supplying your products or service. You have several options

·  Design and manufacture the products yourself

·  Outsource design and manufacturing

·  Buy wholesale to customise products and packaging

·  Dropshipping (Great for avoiding large upfront costs)

Start by researching the competitors in your sector and niche, try to find out what suppliers they use and ask around at local markets to find out who your local suppliers are. When you settle on one make sure to highlight the specifications of your products and try out samples before committing to a bulk stock order.

Once you have your stock ready, you can begin to create your website on an ecommerce platform which will help you sell your products or services directly to your consumers. This is where we come in, we will design and optimise your site to the latest ecommerce standards.

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