5 Reason Why You Should Choose Shopify!

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E-commerce is growing largely by the minute, business owners are moving to push conversions through digital stores. Creating the perfect customer experience is top priority and Shopify assists in achieveing that goal. The shopping trend has been gaining attraction ever since and projected to grow by 4.5 trillion in 2022.

Considering the hype, digital stores can be tempting for all businesses. At the same time, choosing the right platform will provide you with the ability to scale your business to a high level. Surely, you want that? Out of all eCommerce platforms, Shopify is by far the most favoured. Whether your only just starting out, or a large business Shopify helps every business.

Let's take a look at the reasons why Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms known.

Simple User Interface

Whether you have website development resources or not, Shopify can still build your eCommerce presence. No technical expertise needed, so Shopify is completely at your disposal. Almost 100 themes to choose from to develop and design your website and mobile application. When it comes to the online world, the customer experience matters the most, Shopify can help you build it right.

Through Shopify, the customization is very broad. Allowing you to build a personalized look and feel for your brand. Some paid theme options and add-ons can give even more customizable options. Shopify is a cloud-hosted platform which helps you launch your store without saving anything on the server. This is a great relief for all business as you just need basic computer skills to operate.

SEO and Marketing Benefits

Shopify's markteting and SEO tools embedded onto the platform help you create SEO-friendly content on your website. The seo tool ensures that anything you produce is relevant content for your website to help you cater to your target audience. Also, you can track your audience, so that you can run email marketing and other campaigns to the look-a-like audience. A basic understanding of SEO is all that's needed to help grow your business online.

Integrated Business Functions

Having all your business operations like sales, product availability, and inventory management, all in one place would great, right? Look no further, Shopify helps do this by streamlining your business functions and bundling them into a single reporting system. This means that you don't miss out on any critical customer demand management and product inventory information. Leaving all the stress to Shopify and allowing you to make the informed decisions for your business.

Various-Channel Sales

Want to grow on your Facebook or Instagram too? Shopify has also got it, the platform allows you to explore social media channels to generate sales. The cross-channel of your products and services help you cater to your target audience on all platforms, not just through your online store. You can easily expand on every channel, helping you attract more audiences and push more sales. Isn't that wha every business wants?

Online Store Security

Now you must be wondering, is all information stored going to be safe? The eCommerce becomes a larger target, due to the growth, to the cybersecurity world. Where any malicious activity could put your business at risk. However, Shopify provides certification of Level 1 PCI DSS compliant which means they regularly monitor and test networks to detect any unusual activity. Shopify takes responsibility of protecting cardholder data. They have a robust security system which means you have nothing to worry about.

Shopify is one of the most flexible and easy eCommerce solutions for every type and size of business, it helps you grow and capitalize on the emerging digital economy. Letting you build consumer loyalty and improve ROIs.

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